Site Navigation Questions
Where do I go to find the "Menu"?

The menu is now seen by clicking the "hamburger" icon ( ) in the black bar at the top left of each page. Additionally, when you first view the home page on a desktop computer, the most popular content is located in a visible menu in the same black bar at the top of the page.

Where is "Local News"?

Local news articles can be viewed from a number of different locations on the website. First, as you scroll down past the featured story on the headlines section on the homepage, you’ll see a column for local news. Second, If you navigate to the “News” page, Local/Regional News is the first column on that page. Finally, there is an entire page dedicated to only Local and Regional news that can be accessed via the News page or the menu.

Where is "Obituaries"?

The Obituaries link can be found at the top of the home page or by accessing the main menu and clicking on the obituaries link.

How do I see my weekly weather forecast?

If you would like to see the weather, just click on the current weather icon and temperature at the top of the page in the black bar. Additionally, you can access the forecast on the home page from under the large The Journal logo at the top of the home page. If you would like to dive into the local weather a bit more, feel free to click on the “Full Forecast” button at the bottom of the weather pop-up to be directed to our weather provider,

Where do I go to just look at photos and videos?

There is a section about half of the way down the home page that will show you the latest photo gallery content. Additionally, the video and gallery content pages are accessible from the menu as well as the most popular menu items that appear at the top of the home page.

Can I buy a photo from the website?

Yes! If a photograph is available for purchase, a shopping cart symbol ( ) will appear beneath the photo. Clicking the icon will transfer you to a service that will allow you to purchase that photo in a number of different sizes.

Can I add an event to the local community calendar on the The Journal website?

Yes! Either find the Community Calendar widget that appears in the main content of the home page, news page, or opinion page and in the right hand sidebar of most other pages. Then click the “Add Event” button at the bottom of the widget. Additionally, you can navigate to the “Calendar” from our menu options and then click on the bright blue “Add Event” button on that page.

How do I submit a letter to the editor?

The form to send a letter to the editor is located on the Opinion page (this page can be accessed from the main menu). Additionally, you can navigate to this form by clicking on the link at the very bottom (the footer) of the website.

Does The Journal have an email newsletter?

Yes! Scroll to the footer on any page to find the “Subscribe” section. Select the email list(s) you would like to be added to, enter your email address in the form and click “Sign Up”. That’s it!

My paper didn’t arrive this morning. What do I do to report this issue?

We’ve made it really easy to report issues with your delivery. When you are on The Journal website, scroll all the way down to the footer of any page and locate the link titled “Suspend/Report Missing Newspaper”. Click on this link and completely fill out the form on the page you are taken to.

I’m leaving town for a while, can I set up to suspend my paper delivery on The Journal website?

Yes! It’s really easy! When you are on The Journal website, scroll all the way down to the footer of any page and locate the link titled “Suspend/Report Missing Newspaper”. Click on this link and completely fill out the form on the page you are taken to.

Will my bookmarked pages stay the same?

The web address of a lot of the content on The Journal website has changed with the most recent redesign. However, we have made a valiant effort to redirect any old pages to the new ones with the same content. What does this mean? It means that if you have bookmarked a page from the old site and you click on that bookmark, it should take you to the same page on the new website.

Subscription / Google Survey Questions
Where do I go to subscribe?

You can subscribe a few different ways: on the website at; by calling Reader Services at 970-375-4530; or by emailing Reader Services at

What are Google Surveys?

Google Surveys are an integration with Google through which companies can poll a wide variety of audiences about a specific topic, product, or service. For every Survey completed, Google pays out a small sum to the host website--in this case, We carefully considered a number of options before moving forward with Google Surveys. Your participation in the Surveys helps us continue to provide you with quality digital content throughout the week with only a minimal time investment from you.

Why do I have to fill out a survey to continue to read?

Filling out a Google Survey helps support our continued news operations. By taking a (very) short Survey, usually no more than one or two questions, you’ll receive access to the site for the rest of the day and help support our operations

What will happen if I don't want to fill out the survey?

If you’re not interested in taking the Survey, you have the option of signing up for our Email Newsletter to grant access; at the bottom of the survey click on “Sign in or sign up for access”. Please know that your cooperation in taking the Survey helps support our newsroom and the continued production of the high-quality community journalism you’ve come to expect.

Why do you need this information and who does it go to?

The Google Surveys are run by Google on behalf of a multitude of companies. Google aggregates the answers to the Surveys and provides it to these companies. Please know that your answers are anonymous and no personal information is gathered from you when you complete a Survey.

Is my information safe if I fill out Google Surveys?

Google Surveys do not require input of any personal information to complete, so your answers are completely anonymous. Likewise, we do not provide your personal information to third-parties. Your safety and security are of utmost importance to us and we thoroughly vet any companies with whom we integrate.