Position: Special Projects Coordinator/Editor

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 970-564-6037

About: Dale Shrull joined the Cortez Journal in June 2011 as Special Projects Coordinator. His duties range from working on special sections and projects to writing stories and columns. He is a western Colorado native and has written a book on the early history of his hometown of New Castle, Colo.
Prior to graduating from Metropolitan State College of Denver at the age of 31 and getting into journalism, Shrull dabbled in a variety of professions. Some of his jobs included coal mining, carpentry, truck driving, cook , waiter, landscaping, pizza delivery and cemetery worker.
He enjoys cycling, hiking, fishing, traveling and watching his cat drink out of the toilet.
Shrull has won numerous awards from the National Newspaper Association, Inland Press Association, Colorado Press Association and the Associated Press.
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Samora family stays strong after accident

It's been a nightmare. A horrible, unimaginable nightmare.On Sunday afternoon, Oct. 14, Rudy Samora got a phone call that every parent dreads.An accident, a very bad accident.It was his 17-year-old...

DATE: Nov. 10, 2012 | COLUMN: Dale Shrull

Bulldogs power into final 8

DOVE CREEK — Start fast, run the ball and contain the opponent's offense.It's a successful football formula as proven as mom's apple pie recipe.The Dove Creek Bulldogs pulled it off to near...

DATE: Nov. 5, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

A disappointing end to a great Dove Creek comeback

DOVE CREEK —  It was an ending that needed one final word for the Dove Creek Bulldogs. Stunning, thrilling, miraculous, historic — but ultimately, the word turned out to be “disappointing.”Close,...

DATE: Oct. 23, 2012 | CATEGORY: High School Sports

It’s never too late to dream

Fun wasn’t part of Regina Harvey’s childhood on the Navajo Nation in New Mexico.Neither was a high school graduation.At 9 her mother died and there was work to be done. Taking care of her two...

DATE: Aug. 27, 2012 | CATEGORY: Living

Professional cyclists zip through Dolores at blazing speed

DOLORES — Here they come! And there they go!It was a thrilling few seconds, with the primary word being “few.”Approximately 500 people, possibly more, lined the streets of Dolores and parts of...

DATE: Aug. 21, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

Thursday night blaze called ‘suspicious’

DOLORES — Suspicious in nature.That’s what Thursday night’s blaze in downtown Dolores is being called. The fire gutted the historic Hollywood Bar and an adjoining art studio.Lt. Ted Meador of the...

DATE: Aug. 4, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

The Hollywood Bar burns down

DOLORES — Like wildfire, the news whipped through Dolores and beyond. Cell phones rang and chattered to life in the early morning hours. Facebook was abuzz with the news. “The Hollywood Bar burned...

DATE: Aug. 4, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

Living in the moment

Leonard Cain beams with the pride of a teenage spelling bee champ.He walks around the exhibit of pottery, pointing to pieces that he shaped with his skilled hands. For more than 20 years, Cain's...

DATE: Aug. 4, 2012 | CATEGORY: Living

The allure of leather

Denice Langley loves her life. Horses, dogs, a successful business and living in Cortez.Langley, 51, was born and raised in Cortez and graduated from Montezuma-Cortez High School in 1978.Like many,...

DATE: July 31, 2012 | CATEGORY: Business

The MMA cage doesn’t define her

The cage is a dungeon of sorts.A pair of opponents accept the consequences of the cage.Pain, punishment, vicious brutality, unmerciful physical violence — and in the end, one conquering victor.It...

DATE: July 14, 2012 | CATEGORY: More Sports

Mancos teen wins national recognition

Easton LaChappelle is a whiz kid. A geek, a nerd, the science dude.“Yeah, I'm pretty much all of those,” the 16-year-old Mancos teen says.“In science class, everybody wants to be my partner. They...

DATE: July 14, 2012 | CATEGORY: Living

Weber Fire officials optimistic about gaining control

After more than three long, intense days, the zero has come off the board.At the 7:30 p.m. Monday briefing at Mancos High School, officials reported that the Weber Fire is now 10 percent...

DATE: June 25, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

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