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About: Kimberly Benedict joined the Cortez Journal in 2008, simply because she needed a job, and quickly discovered a passion for community journalism. A Colorado native, Kimberly has lived in small town Iowa, Los Angeles and Washington D.C., but feels most at home surrounded by the aspens of the San Juan National Forest. With a degree in constitutional law, Kimberly's greatest ambition used to be to manage a national political campaign, or be president of the United States. Her greatest ambition today is to hike the Colorado Trail from beginning to end. Kimberly's favorite pieces to write are those that strike at the heart of the community and tell the stories that most need to be heard. Read More

DA election recount is on

It’s official: 22nd Judicial District Attorney Russell Wasley has formally requested a recount in the 2012 Republican primary for the DA’s office.Wasley was defeated by challenger Will Furse, a...

DATE: July 19, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

Wildlife should be left to live in the wild

Residents asked not to ‘rescue’ baby animals

DATE: July 19, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

Habitat for Humanity acquires property

Group one step closer to completing first home

DATE: July 14, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

No automatic election recount

The 2012 primary race for 22nd Judicial District Attorney won’t be subject to an automatic recount after all.With all votes in both Montezuma and Dolores counties, challenger Will Furse defeated...

DATE: July 12, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

Entire Dolores County court docket dismissed

A docket of five cases was dismissed in Dolores County Court Monday, July 2, after an attorney from the 22nd Judicial District failed to appear.The minute orders for each of the five cases, signed...

DATE: July 10, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

‘Fire is important. Fire is necessary.’

“Fire is part of the ecosystem.”Looking at the burned hillsides of Weber Canyon on Thursday, June 28, strike team leader John Henry reiterated the sentiment.“Fire is important. Fire is...

DATE: July 7, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

No rain but relief is coming

The dry conditions in Colorado have caught the eye of the federal government, prompting disaster designation for 62 of Colorado’s 64 counties, including Montezuma and Dolores counties.According to...

DATE: July 4, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

A different concern ignites

The flames may have subsided and the immediate threat to homes and property may have passed, but Weber and East canyon residents have yet to escape the totality of the consequences of the Weber...

DATE: July 4, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

Friday finality in DA race?

Friday may bring finality to the drawn out race for the Republican nominee for 22nd Judicial District attorney. Or there may be more waiting.After unofficial numbers were tabulated in the 22nd...

DATE: July 4, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

Recovery and Regrowth

When fire rages through a landscape, it alters more than just the scenery. Ecosystems defined by the vegetation that once clung to steep hillsides are drastically changed in the wake of a ruthless...

DATE: July 4, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

Bear management plans getting updated

State officials looking for public input

DATE: July 2, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

Pleasant View grocery store?

Pleasant View residents in need of a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread will no longer have to make the long haul into Cortez to fill their pantry shelves.Allan and Elizabeth Bleak, owners of...

DATE: July 2, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

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