A fragment in life’s mosaic doesn’t define the whole picture

“Every tessera matters.” That’s what Matteo Randi, my mosaic instructor said to the eight of us gathered around a work table in Chicago a month ago. He said that each one (each piece of glass or...

DATE: April 12, 2016 | CATEGORY: Faith

Mormon missionaries hurt in Brussels attack

SALT LAKE CITY – A Utah teenager who was injured in the Belgium airport attack survived a similar horror three years ago at the Boston Marathon. Mason Wells, a 19-year-old from Sandy, Utah, is...

DATE: March 29, 2016 | CATEGORY: Faith

Faith-based films tone down religion, amp up star power

LOS ANGELES – For some filmgoers, hearing a movie described as “faith-based” makes it a must-see. But just as many others find the term a turn-off. To reach audiences beyond the Christian...

DATE: March 16, 2016 | CATEGORY: Faith

Mardi Gras pancake supper set for Feb. 9

For The JournalA Mardi Gras pancake supper will be held on Feb. 9 from 4:30 – 7 p.m. at St. Barnabas Church, at the corner of North and Elm.The meal will include pancakes, bacon, sausages, fruit,...

DATE: Jan. 25, 2016 | CATEGORY: Faith

Ousted Russian Orthodox cleric assails elites

MOSCOW – A conservative priest who lost his high-level job at the Russian Orthodox Church assailed Russia’s “immoral elites” Friday and predicted a national catastrophe if the country fails to...

DATE: Dec. 31, 2015 | CATEGORY: Faith

Dems find unlikely ally: G.W. Bush

WASHINGTON – Taunted by Republicans to declare war on “radical Islamic terrorism,” Democrats are turning to an unlikely ally: George W. Bush. President Barack Obama, under pressure to be more...

DATE: Dec. 31, 2015 | CATEGORY: Faith

Church looking for Nativity characters

For The Journal The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is sponsoring a Live Nativity on Dec. 21-24 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. in front of the church at 1600 E. Empire St., in Cortez. This event...

DATE: Dec. 20, 2015 | CATEGORY: Faith

A power and peace in flowers

“But we have flowers,” the father assured his frightened little boy. The child was worried about “bad men with guns” who had come and done their worst. Paris was devastated. The world quaked along...

DATE: Dec. 18, 2015 | CATEGORY: Faith

Pope orders audit of wealth as whistleblowers pursued

ROME – Pope Francis, galvanized by a scandal over Vatican finances, has ordered the most powerful bodies in the city-state to launch an unprecedented audit of its wealth and crack down on runaway...

DATE: Dec. 2, 2015 | CATEGORY: Faith

Backlash over Mormon LGBT rule change spreads among faithful

SALT LAKE CITY – New Mormon church rules targeting gay members and their children have triggered a firestorm of backlash from church members of all political backgrounds. Mormon scholar Patrick...

DATE: Nov. 20, 2015 | CATEGORY: Faith

Santa Fe archbishop: ‘Spotlight’ to bring up church’s dark past

ALBUQUERQUE – The upcoming release of a movie detailing the Boston Globe’s 2002 investigation into the church’s cover-up of clergy abuse may bring up “horrific memories” for New Mexico victims of...

DATE: Nov. 20, 2015 | CATEGORY: Faith

Holiday events

Saturday, Nov. 14 Annual Dove Creek Christmas Bazaar, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Local artists, crafters, photographers and cooks wanted. Cost: $20 per table. Details: Kristy Chadd at...

DATE: Nov. 11, 2015 | CATEGORY: Faith

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