Update: Fire threatened entire Dolores sawmill, owner says


Update: Fire threatened entire Dolores sawmill, owner says

Firefighters from SW Colorado battle blaze in frigid, windy weather

A fire in massive slash piles behind the Aspen Wall Wood sawmill in Dolores has been 100% contained, but county emergency officials estimated Sunday that it could burn for days – and up to a year if it engulfed a large sawdust pile.

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Firewood supply will be restored, mill owner says

The Aspen Wall Wood slash pile that burned this weekend is made up of untreated, 3-to-10-inch-long scraps that are a waste product of the milling process.
Hundreds of people buy the aspen cuttings every year to heat their home, David Sitton said.
Some Navajo communities rely on the wood, he said, adding that demand increased after coal mines on the Navajo Nation were closed.
While the equivalent of 12,000 to 15,000 cords of wood was lost, the mill continues to generate more, he said.
“We will get it built back up again by next year,” he said.

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